Let’s write your story together

Hello, I’m Huma and I write Our Story Time. I’m also a published and award-winning author and a former national newspaper journalist. Writing is all I’ve ever done and all I’ve ever known. Writing matters to me because it helps me step out of the noise. It brings me clarity. It enables me to connect with my creativity - and it also lets me connect with other people, my readers, too.

I want to help you feel that connection, that clarity and that creativity too, because it is magical when you do. You find your voice. You write your truth. Your writing beats, like your heart. It comes alive off the page. People feel your words. They understand you. And with that understanding comes the richness of a story shared.

Here’s how I can help with you.


The quiet words: a course on the craft of writing creatively

The Quiet Words is my eight-week online writing course on the craft of writing creatively

Writing creatively is the craft of writing in a creative way for any sort or style of writing, whether it's fiction or non-fiction, blog posts or essays, memoirs or journals. It’s a way to pour out all the words inside of you, and it doesn’t matter if it’s for a bestseller or for your eyes only in your journal. I consider both the act of writing and the act of being creative to be equally important and equally active pursuits and this is where we start our journey together in The Quiet Words.


Writing friends: bespoke one-on-one mentorship

Writing Friends is my one-on-one four month mentorship scheme. You can call it bespoke mentoring, but I’d rather you call me your friend. I’m here for guidance and support and to help you arrive at a place where you can write without doubting your strengths.

I’m here to get you through the dark, lonely, bits. I’m here to pull you up when a rejection falls in your lap. But I’m also here to punch the air with you when you get a commission or when your blog post does spectacularly well. I’m here to nudge you - a little harder each time (for which I make no apologies) - when I see an it’s instead of an its. I’m here to sing your triumphs, but I’m also here to tell you the truth. If a piece you’re battling with just isn’t working or doesn’t read very well, then I’ll tell you it’s time to move along onto something fresh. No ideas? We’ll make up writing prompts together and I’ll help you find inspiration again.


Postcards home

Postcards Home is an online writing course to inspire you to start to write your own stories, your own history, your own way of remembering your version of events, with a view to writing first-person essays and blog posts and perhaps maybe even your very own personal memoir to write one day. That said, it is not a course on writing your full-blown memoir, or how to structure something so vast. It is not that at all. Postcards Home is a course to inspire you to simply want to write the story of you. It is simply to inspire you to want to begin.


Read & Reflect

Read & Reflect is my bespoke feedback package, whereby I offer editorial comments and feedback on an individual piece of your writing, of up to 5000 words.

It is designed for the sort of writer (even if you don’t consider yourself a writer) who has been writing for a while, rather than someone who is experimenting or starting out. You are confident enough in your writing to know you don’t want to do a course, but you’d simply quite like to know what I think of your writing. You’d value an opinion - my opinion.