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Welcome to The Quiet Words, a course on the craft of writing creatively

You've dreamt of being a writer ever since you were little. Stories were forever spilling out of your heart and you had so many to tell back then. But then you grew up. Life happened. Yet you still feel words tug inside you, as if they're hanging off a thin tangled thread waiting to be unravelled. You've never forgotten your dream.

Perhaps you'd even started to write - a notebook by your bed, a secret document hidden somewhere on your computer. But it's hard. You don't know what to write about and then when you do, the words don't come. You simply can't find them.  And perhaps when you do write, rather than celebrate, you tell yourself your words are not good enough to read. You tell yourself you can't possibly share your writing with anyone at all.

As a published writer, I know firsthand the struggles of writing. I know how hard it is to find something you feel is worth writing about. And I know how hard it is to put those ideas, those feelings, into words. I know how overwhelming it is to commit your words to paper and dare to show them to someone else to read.

But I also know how magnificent it feels when you read something you wrote yourself and realise you have created something beautiful, meaningful and creative, words that lift lightly off the page and linger long in your readers' hearts.

I want to help you feel that way too. I want you to dream again.

But before those dreams, here’s a little practicality

Basic housekeeping

Every time you log into The Quiet Words via your Member space log in, you will arrive at this page. Each week, the links to each set of essays will go live and you can access them from here. Weekly essays are only available to read for paid-for students via private web pages.

Please copy and past the web address for this page and keep it safe so that you can always come back here to navigate your way around.

The webpage address is:

At the very end of the course, you will also have the option to download and then print the entirety of The Quiet Words

Please note that the download link and option to print are only for your use, as The Quiet Words is a paid-for course for you all, my students, to enjoy. Please do not distribute the link or print option. Thank you!


The Quiet Words is an eight-week course.

You'll have homework at the end of each week, except for week seven (I'm giving you week seven off, because you'll have done a lot by then!). From weeks four, five and six, you will be writing a piece for me. The piece should be up to 1,200 words and submitted by midday on Monday, 11th November (see below - “Deadlines” - for more details)

There is a reasonable amount of reading from weeks two to week five (we shall gently ease into it for week one), although you will notice there is less reading in week six to give you the time and space you need to complete your writing project for me. As with any course, there's absolutely no pressure for you to complete homework but I really hope you can try and follow each section through, because I truly believe you will grow creatively for it. Every piece of this course weaves together, from beginning to end, to help you live the creative life, the writing life, that you have longed for.

Facebook group

I'm going to be checking into the Facebook group midweek and I'll do my best to answer any questions there. However, I’m not a daily user and the thread is there more for you to connect with your course mates. If at any point you wish to add on some extra and more personal editorial support, which includes two email check-ins during the course and a further, in-depth editorial critique of a second, longer piece of writing after The Quiet Words has finished, then you are very welcome to simply add it on as an extra.


Please note, the deadline for your written project is:

Midday, Monday, November 11th, 2019.

Please email me your project as a word attachment to:

Your piece should be no longer than 1,200 words.

Please put your name and “writing project” in the subject line. Feedback is given on a first email basis (the sooner you send in your piece, the sooner you will hear from me). Please ensure you have access to Google Docs to view your feedback notes.

Week One - Exploring creativity

Week Two - Quietening the chaos to find your creativity

Week Three - Exploring purposeful creativity

Week Four - Exploring ideas

Week Five - Understanding details

Week Six - Being a storyteller

Week Seven - Creative cheatsheets

Week Eight - The art of editing