Welcome to Postcards Home

You want to write the story of your own narrative. You want to write the story of who you are in your own voice. You want a map of it; something you can turn to or direct your children towards. You want to write of the moments that shaped you, the ones you remember, before you forget. Maybe you just want to learn to feel comfortable, writing in your own skin, your own voice, looking in.

Postcards Home is an online writing course designed as a set of essays written to inspire you to start to write your own stories, your own history, your own way of remembering your version of events, with a view to writing first-person essays and blog posts and perhaps maybe even your very own personal memoir to write one day. Postcards Home is a course to inspire you to simply want to write the story of you. It is simply to inspire you to want to begin.

An inspiration

When I first dreamt up Postcards Home, I knew that I wanted to create a different sort of online course; a course that did not feel like a course.

I see Postcards Home as an equivalent of a special treat you’d prioritise all for yourself; a solo trip to the movies or an afternoon spent browsing a beautiful art gallery all alone. Or perhaps a summer spa day with a good book, or a holiday for one. I wanted to write something that would enable you to revel in the pleasure of solitude. And so that is what I have tried to do. I have written something just for you.

It matters to me that Postcards Home is something you can turn to for enjoyment; something that does not feel like an obligation or a burden or extra workload that you end up struggling to fit in. That’s why there’s no private social media group here. That’s why I won’t ask you to submit a writing project or set you deadlines. That’s why I won’t be critiquing your work.

Instead, I want Postcards Home to remind you how much you love writing for the sake of writing. I want it to inspire you to finally begin, and to do so with a flourish. I want you to read these essays, perhaps with a notebook by your side, if that just so happens to feel right, and I want you to begin to feel yourself unfurl, little by little, begin to feel that flicker of excitement knowing that perhaps you can write the story of you. I want you to feel excited by the possibilities of writing the stories that only you can tell. I want you to feel.

We start here.


Week one: On postcards; or staying in touch - on the importance of looking backwards, in order to look forwards.

Week two: Mini-memories, in note form - on the writer’s art of note-taking

Week three: The little things - on learning to look for details to bring your writing alive

Week four: A life lived in pictures -on looking for what is both in and out of focus for writing prompts

Week five: The beauty of the ordinary - on giving yourself permission to write about your everyday

Week six: Onwards - from postcards to vignettes to blogs, books and beyond