Testimonials from previous students on The Quiet Words, Writing Friends & Postcards Home

Huma’s warmth, passion and expertise shines through in The Quiet Words. It felt personal, as if she was sitting right beside me each week sharing her insight and wisdom. Right from the start Huma’s message to us was: “You are a writer, you can do this, I am here to help.” There are so many practical elements of the course that I will take away with me, but most importantly it was this message: that she believed we could.
— Kim
The Quiet Words is simply magical. It’s not about following rules, it’s about listening to what’s inside and learning to trust that we know what sounds just right to us. It’s about getting back in touch with yourself, your creativity. The Quiet Words gently reminds us that this is there inside us all along. You’ve helped us reconnect with that and nurture trust in ourselves.
The Quiet Words is invaluable. Thank you.
— Claire
Crafted beautifully, Huma’s weekly lessons were a pleasure to read and an inspiration for me to model. Her gentle, quiet encouragement and suggestions for looking at things in new and different ways have opened my eyes to the possibilities that are within me. Thank you, Huma.
— Christine
 Thank you for taking us on a beautiful journey. You led us to explore our voice and relationship to writing in a playful, curious and mindful manner, letting us run freely while always close by for guidance and encouragement. This course you created is a little treasure I will keep close to my heart along my writing journey. It confirmed my utter love for writing.
— Marie
The Quiet Words is changing my life, one word at a time. Through this course, and with Huma’s encouragement, I have started my blog and put myself out there. I never used to believe in investing in myself, but this course was so worth it. If you’ve always wanted to write, but didn’t know where or how to start, this is the course for you.
— Beth
I have long believed that creative writing classes were not for somebody like me, I wasn’t planning to write a novel or even short stories, but simply wanted to feel a little more confident in the writing I share on my blog. 

Having completed The Quiet Words I am beginning to feel a little differently. The course itself is much more holistic than simply lessons on writing. Huma’s gentle and thoughtful method helped me reflect on why I write at all and then on how I can make it more enjoyable, both for myself and any potential reader. I’ve benefited in ways I didn’t expect to; I feel generally calmer and clearer, and more at ease with the idea of being the sort of person who calls themselves a writer.
— Vanessa
The Quiet Words far exceeded my expectations. The course is about writing, yes, but Huma also shares her approach to creativity as a whole. I now find myself carving out more time for myself, to create and to explore my thoughts about the world a little differently. I have written in some form for a long time, but I’m now reading with a writer’s eye, and I’m putting words together far more intentionally. I am so glad I invested in this course, which I have no doubt I will return to again and again.
— Ruth
The Quiet Words really was magical. Huma has a wondrous way of writing such calm and thoughtful content that the course did far, far more than just instruct me in the art of writing. It caused me to pause; to really delve into why I want to write, and to contemplate what creativity means to me and how I might add some brush strokes to the canvas of words, narratives and stories out there, that we all live by. I feel like it’s given me calm but also courage. Thank you, Huma
— Ali
I joined The Quiet Words on impulse, thinking that it offered accountability: I would have to finish writing something and I’d have to let someone read it. I honestly didn’t think any more about it than that. What I actually got was way more than I’d imagined.

Huma’s course took me on a gentle journey into the why as well as the how of my writing life, so that I learned about practical things like how to build writing into my daily life, how to craft my work and how to embrace creativity, as well as being encouraged into much deeper reflections about the purpose of writing for me and why it was that I kept blocking my own attempts.

It’s possible not everyone coming to the course will need such a shake-up but I think that’s the beauty of it. It is crafted so that you take from it what you need. I needed that accountability but I also needed a nudge in a different direction, and the permission to make changes to my routine that would prioritise my writing in a way I hadn’t before. Thank you Huma for your words, your perspective and your kindness.
— Faye
I want to thank you for putting together The Quiet Words and supporting me through my journey with it. What it has given me is invaluable in the way of establishing a productive writing practice which taps into the very depths of what I wish to express through my words.

I chose to take The Quiet Words after much reflection and what helped me make that decision was the desire to not only learn how to better distill my ideas and sharpen my writing skills but to do so with a teacher who was compassionate and understanding.

Your writing as a mother and a woman of colour truly resonate with me and I am grateful that you continue to publish writing that is honest and genuine.
— Aiysha
I’m still using all the notes from the wonderful Postcards Home. It has given me a way into rediscovering my voice through writing. Thank you for guiding me and giving me the tools to write
— Preeya
I’m a songwriter and I hadn’t written a song in months. Then I read Postcards Home and wrote three. Postcards Home has helped me so much to reflect upon my feelings and make little notes. It reminded me that I always wanted to be an author too. Thank you very much
— Anne