Grey Labdanum - Abel perfume

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Grey Labdanum - Abel perfume


The sound of the ocean rolling under a dark, summer night sky. The intense heat of a hot summer made softer as night falls. That’s what Grey Labdanum, a luxury 100% natural perfume by Abel, conjures up for us.

Grey Labdanum is a deep, heady scent - rich, warm and glistening. Like a flower unfurling, it opens with violet and bitter orange, before deepening into layers of soothing amber, woody patchouli and the slightest hint of golden sweetness from frankincense (olibanum).

There is something so magical about a fragrance that captures a feeling, a moment in time. That’s why Our Story Time has fallen for Abel Perfume, creators of fine, long-lasting fragrance, made from entirely natural ingredients. Over the course of a day, the natural ingredients adapt and evolve to work in harmony with your skin’s natural body chemistry, creating a bespoke scent that is unique to you. This exquisite range is created to be unisex and is a refined and unique choice for thoughtful birthday gift ideas and anniversary gifts - or simply to indulge in yourself.

Fragrance notes:

Top - bitter orange, violet

Heart - patchouli, sandalwood

Base - labdanum, olibanum

15ml bottle.

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