Holy moly, yes

naked frosted cake with bear on top

I emailed someone the other day, asking if they wouldn’t mind doing something for me. The details don’t matter (it was work, it was for a magazine) but the response I received does. She replied: HOLY MOLY, YES.


It cracked a laugh out of me straightaway.

Then it made me think: when was the last time I felt like that about something? When was the last time I said yes to something so quickly, so effortlessly, so excitedly, upbeat and optimistically?

When was the last time you did?

So today, a day after my birthday, I’d like to say: HOLY MOLY, YES.

HOLY MOLY, YES to that extra piece or three of leftover birthday cake. To last minute texts from best friends asking if you’re free to meet for ice cream. To ditching routine every once in a while.

HOLY MOLY, YES to throwing caution to the wind like confetti. To sneaking off with your husband without the kids (hey, we had a babysitter that day).

HOLY MOLY, YES to cutting your hair short when you’ve only ever had it long for years, even though you know it horrifies most people because they say: You cut your hair! instead of: You look great! And so, also, therefore: HOLY MOLY, YES to the hell with whatever other people think.

HOLY MOLY, YES to unfollowing the folk who make you feel less than and stepping back from those in person who stress you out. And HOLY MOLY, YES, then, to no longer feeling guilty for it or indeed for any other things that you have to do just to put yourself first;

HOLY MOLY, YES, then, to putting yourself first;

To saying no to the things you don’t have to do, you don’t want to do, you don’t need to do; to writing what you want to write; doing what you want to do. To less time online, to more time right here. To singing your own praises every once in a while.

HOLY MOLY, YES to protecting your own precious time.

To standing up for yourself, for your kids, for the people you love.

To standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

To calling folk out when it needs to be done.

HOLY MOLY, YES to being fearless. To being brave. To being all these things, doing all these things, in your very own ways even if (especially if) sometimes your voice isn’t as loud as everyone else’s, even if (especially if) you take your time because you’re thinking things through.

HOLY MOLY, YES to at least giving it a try.

HOLY MOLY, YES to the face looking right back at you in the mirror, the face you wished when you were younger looked like somebody else’s, like all the other girls at school, but that you’ve learnt to slowly love because others love it too.

HOLY MOLY, YES to the person you’ve become. To the person you’re becoming. To the guy that’s by your side. To the ones you’re bringing up behind you.


Holy moly, yes.

Who’s saying it with me?