Thoughtful Little Things: A set of simple trays

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A simple tray for mealtimes

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We live in a small, upside down home of sorts with stairs and corners sticking out like sharp elbows in a crowded train carriage. And so our bedroom is tucked downstairs yet our children's is above. Our dining table is in our living room, with steps leading down into it, but then there's yet another full set of stairs before you find the kitchen. It's a maze, albeit a modestly sized one, but a maze nevertheless and one that confuses anyone that comes to visit (you may think you're on your way out but then you end up in our bedroom).

Honestly, I don't mind the stairs. I like the upstairs, downstairs. It makes our little flat feel more like a house, if things like that matter.  But while I am all for taking things slow, when it comes to tidying up after meals or fetching a small hungry boy another round of breakfast, it can be tedious and tiresome to go up-down, up-down and sometimes it feels like we go up-down, up-down all day long. 

A simple selection of trays makes this dance from kitchen to dining table a little easier, the kitchen being too small for a table of its own. This particular one, a simple handsome, well-sized oak tray, we use for breakfast. It is just the right size to hold all the accoutrements our growing hungry boys need.

It sits on an open shelf in the kitchen, already set for breakfast each night before we go to bed, holding the granola jar, the breakfast bowls, the water jug. In the morning, we add his coffee, my tea, their milk. We still go up-down, but surely less than before and with so much more pleasing satisfaction in being quietly prepared the night before. 

Tell me, how do you make your rushed mornings calmer?