Thoughtful Little Things: A reader's notebook

Thoughtful Little Things 03

A notebook while you read

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Sometimes you come across a sentence that leaves you breathless with its beauty, which haunts you, mesmerises you and you simply can't stop thinking about it. It might even bring you to tears, without you even realising why. I'm sure it's not just me. How to capture the words that have been so crafted by those with such mastery? How to keep that moment? Why, in a note pad of course. I keep a tiny one with me always when I read, small enough to tuck inside whatever book I happen to be reading, small enough to seem insignificant and yet it is full of such beauty by writers so much greater than me. I happen to use this tiny little notebook, but anything that suits you goes. 

It used to be that I'd underline these sentences but a long time ago, that stopped being enough. You underline, you turn a corner, you forget it all when the book goes back in its place on the shelf. But the act of copying words out, transcribing from one page to another, in your own hand, helps it settle a little, forever in your head and your heart.

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