Thoughtful Little Things: A scented mist

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A scented mist to fill your room

Bergamot, geranium and sweet orange. It's what summer smells like in our house. I am not an expert on essential oils (I leave that to my girls Gemma and Laura) but my nose likes what it likes. And so these three oils fill our days, gently fizzing out of our diffuser in a steady stream. Sometimes I switch it up and swap geranium out for lavender, especially as night falls. I like the lightness that floats through the air. I like the way it wraps around us, shafts of scents we cannot see but somehow make us feel lighter, brighter. I like that this is what home smells like.

My diffuser is not the prettiest but neither is it the ugliest. It is, however, practical in a way that an open flame is not (although if ever a flame was to be described as practical, then I wouldn't hesitate for this). It was one of the first purchases we made for our first home together, we carried it home awkwardly on the crowded tube, and it has stood the test of time for years and so, with that, it holds some meaning too. That we shopped not for towels and crockery but for something that would fill our home with the fragrance of flowers and woods and fruit. 

The act of pouring fresh water in, dropping the oils in one by one - well, it's as pleasing as making that perfect cup of tea, and without it, there's always something missing.


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