Thoughtful Little Things: A basket for your tech

Welcome to Thoughtful Little Things, a series of mini blog posts to help simplify your everyday and add a little scattering of thoughtfulness, a little simple joy, prettiness and calm, to the daily stuff that makes up life. 

Thoughtful Little Things, 01

A basket for your laptop


I feel sorry for my laptop; it never has a permanent home. Rather, it drifts. From room to room, sofa to bed, from dining table to desk. And where my laptop goes, my charger and earphones are sure to follow. Except they are usually two paces behind, like little siblings who can't quite keep up. And so I can never quite find everything in the same place when I need them.

My drifting tech pieces have been a bug bear of mine (and don't get me started on my husband's laptops, of which he requires two exceptionally heavy ones).

But then I stumbled upon this rather pretty solution. A sturdy and slim basket, to give my laptop, charger and headphones a permanent and pleasing home, where they can live all together. It also happens to be handy enough for me to slip my notepads in and carry from room to room when I need to work and hide away from my little people. It is, essentially, what you might call my office only in a basket.

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