A mother's day message from our story time

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This Mother's Day at Our Story Time, take a moment to remember and treasure the magic of motherhood. Because it is all too easy to forget.

Yes, it is all too easy to forget those treasured moments that make your heart full. When you are exhausted from the day-to-day, the to-do lists and the chores, you lose sight of all the things you promised yourself you'd never forget. Like how your baby's face lit up whenever you walked into a room, puddle-drop eyes following your every move and it made you feel golden. No one had ever looked at you like that before, you thought. Like how your baby began to chase shadows across the floor, earnestly perplexed and amazed by this wondrous thing called the sun, dropping its light through the windows. You forget how you watched, how you promised you'd remember this always. You forget what it felt like, when your baby used to stroke your face, reach up for your hair. You forget that you wanted it to last forever.

 handmade dolls | curious gifts | gorgeous children's toys | ourstorytime.co.uk

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When you take a moment to remember, then that's when you realise that these small people who once depended on you can teach you so much more than you could probably ever teach them in return. That they show you yourself. That they show you the wonder in all the little things that grown-ups don't notice anymore. And that's when you realise that motherhood hasn't broken you at all. It has filled your heart with love and life instead at a time when you probably needed it so much. And that's when you felt forever grateful to your children for simply being them. For simply showing you who you could be, when you least expected it.  

Happy Mother's Day to all of you.