Welcoming the first signs of spring

There's a clarity in the skies. the greyness is lifting. The hardest part of the year - for surely, those dark few months are the hardest - is over. It's like we can breathe again. I can feel it in the air - the stillness, the freshness, the barely-there sweetness. Can you?

When the air feels lighter, I feel like washing walls down with buckets of sugar soap, erasing the finger prints of all those longs days when we were banished to the indoors. I feel like airing out rugs and blankets and throws, blowing out the clouds of stuffy dust gathered from us curling up for days on end.

And then, when it's all done, I feel like lighting candles in every room, filling my home with the fresh, sweet fragrance of the outdoors, of memories of holidays and the promise of a rose-filled summer to come.

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And for myself, I feel in need of inspiration, of fresh starts; I am in pursuit of that sense of renewal. I feel like shaking myself awake each morning, like running wild down hills, of gulping down deep, long breaths at dawn. I feel like peeling away my old skin, stepping out of the winter-me, the stay-at-home me, and revealing something sparkling underneath. I turn to nature's finest ingredients to douse and dab, to soothe and revive.

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The promise is there, every year with these blue skies, that hint of the first sunlight - still too far away to warm us, but near enough to throw its light on cold grey pavements and bounce around our walls, our homes. 

The winter is over. let us begin again.