What would you write to the one you love?

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at our story time, we believe in taking the time to create moments that will last forever. a message in a card, heartfelt and handwritten, is all it takes. 

because sometimes words really are more than enough. the simplest things that mean the most. love letters left on a pillow. love notes tucked in pockets. an unexpected touch of magic to let your beloved know how much they mean to you.

our story time's selection of love cards don't look or read like other valentines day cards. these are cards that say i love you or even just i like you at anytime of the year. perfect for anniversary cards, non-valentine's valentines day cards or just sweet thank you cards for the person that means the most to you.

valentine's day doesn't have to be about the cliches. celebrate it in its purest, sweetest sense instead: secret little whispers just between the two of you. 

choose simple, understated gifts full of innocence. a bar of honest, natural handmade and organic soap. the darkest, silkiest artisan chocolate.

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so go ahead, write your love story. ask them to sail away with you, write the lyrics of your song, tell them what they mean to you. seal it with a kiss.