we are falling in love with a new colour palette, we are finding ourselves drawn to something deeper.

maybe it's been the intense heat of late, but we are dreaming of deep dark indigo, the shade of the ocean as night falls. there's a temptation to splatter paint the colour of faded washed denim on the walls; you know, that sort of decades-old denim you'd pull out for a summer road trip, the trusty pair of cut-offs that never lets you down. we imagine folding crisp navy linen sheets, drowning our bed in one big cool puddle of deep inkiness. 

we're bringing this indulgence to you, too. amy clare is a designer who mixes vintage fabrics with new, and she has made for us the most beautiful cushion covers

indigo, navy, denim. they are essentially our everyday colours and the basic building blocks of our wardrobe, but in the home, they add a freshness we didn't expect. expect to see these pieces popping up on our Instagram. scattered here and there, these shades of blue feel grounded, calming and cooling right now. definitely a reflection of what our mind is searching for.