autumn style |
autumn style |
autumn style |

Autumn is our favourite season. It will forever be the season we got married, burnt orange and hot pink leaves tumbling down from the trees at the remote farm hidden in the hills where we said our vows. They say spring is the season of renewal but, really, it all starts here; the turning of colours, the freshness of the morning mist, the reminders of the important, simple things. Turning in early, hatching down alone or with loved ones close. Staying in to surround ourselves with what we hold dear, the things we may have overlooked when the sun was big and high in the sky and we had other, lighter places to be than our own homes.

But then, we always come back here. Back home.

Autumn at its very best is full of jewel-like splendour. Even when the sky is dull and soulless, it is still a perfect backdrop grey. There's still a spot of softness in there somewhere. All it needs is some colour to see it off.

autumn style |
autumn style |

Some people see autumn as the season where everything, even beauty, fades away. Look on Pinterest for autumnal interiors and you see shades of brown, beige; neutral, predictable. 

But everything is so much more intense, even more saturated in this season. And so, for this autumn in the Our Story Time shop, we have taken extra care to choose thick textiles in golden ochres and inky indigos. We have amber-coloured oils to soothe the dryness on our skin and the scents of all those outdoor adventures and memories captured in the flicker of a candle flame. Even our girls are wearing their cosy autumn knits. 

Autumn in our home means the fairy lights around the fireplace and the bay windows come on early and an abundance of throws and cushions make the sofa, armchairs and beds extra inviting. The brighter the better. If you're struggling with the darker days, play with your lighting and your layers first. It'll make all the difference.

Autumn may be full of browns, golds, mustards, ochres, ambers - yes - but bring them even more to life with more vibrant shades too. Colour lovers: look for deep, saturated shades of your favourite pastels and intersperse them here and there. A velvet forest green cushion cover, an indigo throw, the deepest, warmest pink pot to take care of those lush green autumn indoor plants. Our preferred colour palette for this season? Rich navy and indigo, emerald mossy green, flushes of soft, deep rose pink and golden ochres balanced with those caramel, celebratory autumnal shades of cognac and tan.

What's your autumn colour palette? 

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