Hello and welcome to Our Story Time, a place to be inspired in simple, purposeful, thoughtful ways. I'm Huma, and I'm so touched you've chosen to while away a little time with me here. 



I write about creating a home, navigating motherhood and living simply and purposefully whenever I can with my husband and kids. Our Story Time is my note to self, to remember to take a moment.

Every Wednesday, I publish what I call a long read, pieces I hope you can slow down in and escape into, away from the noise of the every day. But also, make some sense of it too.

You can browse all my posts, long and short, in the categories below:

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Every now and again, I’ll write about ways in which we all must try harder socially. You can find those posts under the category Ways to Strive.

In Spite of Oceans is my award-winning book of short stories, and you can also find out more about the online writing courses I offer.

So come, take a while and sit with me. It’s good to have you here.