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Hello and welcome to Our Story Time, a place to be inspired in simple, purposeful, thoughtful ways. I'm Huma, and I'm so touched you've chosen to while away a little time with me here. 

Every Wednesday, I publish what I call a long read, pieces I hope you can slow down in and escape into, away from the noise of the every day. I write about creating a home, navigating motherhood and living simply and thoughtfully with my husband and kids.

In between my long reads, I also write a couple of short and sweet little series - Thoughtful Little Things, a fortnightly ode to simple things that bring great joy, and Thoughts for the Month, a capture of time turning.

Meanwhile you can browse all my posts, long and short, through the categories below:

Thoughtful Living

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Thoughtful Work

So come, take a while and sit with me. It’s good to have you here.