Morning yoga when you're not a morning person

Some days (alright then, most days) it takes me an hour to wake up and get ready in the morning. There; I said it. This is not because of some high-maintenance skin routine or make-up regime or for important fashion choices I must make (ha!). No; it is simply because I am not a morning person.

Lest I sound all too lazy, I’ll throw in here that our mornings start at 6am or thereabouts, ten minutes either side, when our littlest one awakes. You’d think we’d be used to it by now but it’s still an abrupt way to start the day. I remain shell shocked and bleary-eyed every single time my baby’s cries sound a morning alarm. I need a little time to wake up, is all.

Still, my mornings are made more palatable in different ways: a hot shower, a clean flannel, the faint smell of Italian lemons in my cleanser, a cup of piping tea waiting for me made by an ever-patient husband who is much better at handling breakfast time with three five-and-unders than me while the rest of the street is still asleep. And now, added to that mix: a few moments of yoga too.

A simple start to the New Year

A simple start to the New Year

Even though a cynic might say that today doesn’t feel all that dissimilar to two days ago, I like to believe it does. The clock has ticked over once more and with it comes the chance to start afresh. I like this feeling. I have always liked it. It reminds me of clean sheets and new pyjamas and aired-out bedrooms and mopped floors. It reminds me of the crispness of starting a school year; the excitement, the anticipation, the new stationery. The hopefulness. The ritual of hope.

As we normally do as we approach the end of each year, Richard and I took some time over December to take stock of the year gone by. We don’t call it a stock-take of course and there is nothing scheduled about it. It’s just us curling up on the sofa - him with his laptop (he writes everything there), me with my pencil and notebook (I am still longhand, still so offline in many ways). When we do this, we share the things we’d like to do differently or better or not at all anymore. We make plans and promises and it feels good to hold ourselves to something, to each other. It feels good to know we have a chance to make a change in a positive way.